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Big Changes To Madden Ultimate Team

Here at, we are big fans of the Madden series and this year for Madden 18, EA Sports are making some big changes to Madden Ultimate Team. Many people will buy Madden just to play this mode and today we are looking at some of the biggest changes.

Big Changes To Madden Ultimate Team

More Value In Packs

It sucked opening a new pack only to get things like coaches and so on. But EA has changed things this time around with each pack you are opening being filled with players. Coaches, uniforms, play books and other items that were available in packs in the past are now obtained with what EA are calling Team Tokens. You get these by trading silver and gold players.

More In Depth Upgrades

The upgrade system in Madden 18 (which is done with Team Tokens) is very in depth. When you are upgrading a player, you now have different tiers that you can take them through. So if you have a 70 rated player and a particular Team Token, you can do the tier 1 upgrade that will see them rise to 75.

Changes To The Trade Block

The Madden Trade Block was a good idea but was ultimately abused by many players. That will not be as easy this year. If you are to get a player through a trade, EA will then make it so that you cannot auction that particular player. EA said they thought about getting rid of the Trade Block altogether! But they think this will prevent people from using it for sinister money gain!

We would love to hear your thoughts on the changes being made to Madden 18 and if you love Madden, be sure to keep an eye on our Madden 18 Coins or Madden Moblie Coins.

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