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Five Madden 18 plays in week 8 make it easier to delight in this game

This week’s major plays feature some elite-level moves and chaos in the return game. In case your stick skills are on-point, do not neglect to place your leading plays here. Bear in mind to maintain the video to 1 play.nfl18coins shares with you the Prime 5 Madden 18 youtube plays in week 8 help you love this game . as a professional Madden 18 Coins internet site, provides safe, quick and affordable Mut 18 Coins for you. With more than ten years of excellence, we've served a large number of clients. For those who are hesitating exactly where to get Madden coins, nfl18coins is going to be a very good option.

Here are this week’s prime plays:

1. A Prime Return
I started this list with 1 Sanders, so it’s only fitting to end with another. Deion Sanders was a prolific player. He’s a skilled returner in MUT, with the ratings to place your stick skills on full display. These are some well-timed moves. -Daniel Williams.

2. The Ball Is Loose

It might have been a better decision to let the punt go and hope it bounced into the end zone. A quality punt, even better coverage, and great hit sticks make this play happen. This one-score game was quickly put away after this strange punt return. Go, special teams!

3. That’s One particular Way To Score
So many emotions here. It’s rare to get two turnovers in a single play. I’m not quite sure how to describe this a single. How about, “victorious regret?” I think that works. The opposing player brought the safety over in a great INT, only to be ruined by a well-timed hit stick.

4. Just Like I Planned It
Yep, it was totally drawn up this way. The second this pass is released, the safety converges onto Alshon Jeffery, and a corner leaves his assignment to enable defend the deep throw. The deflected pass flies straight to the now-open TE Trey Burton. Being skilled in Madden helps win games. Being lucky helps even more.

5. Step Off The Tracks

Stick skills are king when it comes to the Competitive game style in Madden 18. Having those abilities and a guy like Barry Sanders on your Ultimate Team is a game changer. Right here, Sanders is surrounded by players before absolutely flattening a defender. This run is oddly similar to one particular the real Barry Sanders made. Art imitates life.

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