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How To Get Into Madden And Realize How Exciting It Can Be

We have been having a great time letting you all know about our deals on Safe MUT 18 coins as well as giving you all the new information about the game and even giving you some tips on how you can improve your game and stand a chance in Madden Ultimate Team.

But while Madden is one of the biggest games that is released each year, there are still many people who feel a little intimidated about stepping onto the grid iron and giving it a try. Hey, we totally get you there are a couple of folks in the office who like to watch Madden 18 but are a little scared to jump in and give it a go. It can seem like the learning curve is pretty steep and that there is already an army of players who have been playing the game for nearly 30 years have a Scrooge McDuck style stockpile of Madden 18 coins that are just looking for new players to destroy!

But Madden is a fun game. Like it is an absolute blast to play and even when you are playing against someone online or on the couch next to you and getting your butt handed to you it is a fun game. One way that we want to show you just how fun, accessible and even cool the general community is with a YouTube channel called, ZFarls. This is a duo and they share stories about Madden, give tips on offensive and defensive plays and even give insight about Madden Ultimate Team. We are not suggesting you check these guys out for tips, but to see just how fun and awesome Madden 18 is.

Have any of you guys encountered any gamers who have been a little intimidated to get into Madden? Let us know in the comments below and send your WR to our Madden NFL 18 coins section so you can save some big money!

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