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Last Minute Need To Know Info About Madden 18

We have a section on the site already for Madden 18 coins, that is how excited we are for the game. Madden 18 is nearly upon us and we want to take this time to let you know a few of the key, need to know things about Madden 18.

Last Minute Need To Know Info About Madden 18

Release Date:

Madden 18 will be released on August 25th. If you have EA Access you can play the game a whole week early starting on August 17th. Or if you get the premium version of Madden known as The G.O.A.T Edition. You can play the game on the 22nd of August.

Story Mode:

2K games have had huge success with their story modes in their NBA series and EA clearly wants in on that. Madden 18 has a new mode called Longshot where you play the role of a rookie, hoping to make it big in the NFL.

Skill Based Gameplay:

We have written many blog posts about the different gameplay changes that are in Madden 18. But the short of it is that this year running, catching, tackling and calling plays is going to be far more skill based than ever before. This means throwing the ball and then having your WR catch it is going to be something you have to get good at.

Madden Ultimate Team:

Many people buy Madden these days just to play Ultimate Team! So make sure you come to us when you need those MUT 18 coins to try and help you get the best players the game has to offer. Madden Ultimate Team promises to be more in depth and fun than ever before.

Madden 18 is shaping up to be the best Madden in years. With better gameplay, improved visuals and of course that brand new story mode.

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