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Madden 18 GOAT Players Revealed

As many of you know, here at, we are really pumped for this year's Madden. We are super excited to see the more in depth gameplay of this year's game and like you, we have our preorder in so we can get one of the five GOAT players. More information has been revealed about the GOAT players and that is what we want to talk about today.

Madden Ray Lewis

The five players that you get are Ray Lewis, Tom Brady, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice. All five GOAT players have an 84 overall rating and to be honest with you, you really have to look at each individual stat to decide which one is going to be right for the style of play you have. For us, Deion Sanders is the way to go as his speed, acceleration and jumping are all rated in the 80's which in Madden 18 is going to make him a very, very good players.

Why would you not take Tom Brady? Is what some of you may be asking, but for us, the Tom Brady that is part of the GOAT set is not as highly rated as we would have liked to have seen. Plus if you complete the Madden 18 story mode, you get Dan Marino for free! So we would suggest saving your QB spot for him and picking Deion Sanders as your GOAT.

Madden Deion Sanders

We would love to hear from you guys on what GOAT player you are going to be selecting for Madden 18. Also be sure to have a good look at our amazing deals on Cheap Madden 18 coins and Madden Mobile Coins.

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