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Madden 18 may be wins 2 in 10 Best Games of 2017

 Is Madden NFL 18 miles apart from its predecessors? No, but it does refine some of the looser aspects of previous entries. The Connected Franchise mode has more depth to the scouting and a much-needed revamp to some of the Menu UIs, to name but a few of the warranted and welcomed changes. With well-received additions to one mode, come unneeded changes to the others.

Madden 18 may be wins 2  in 10 Best Games of 2017

Having a plethora of online modes to satisfy many different tastes makes the sheer amount of options is actually intimidating to anyone who wishes to play more than a couple of games in those four months Madden Coins 17 when Madden titles hold relevance. With daily and weekly challenges, as well as what seems to be an unending list of other events, challenges and new cards, Madden Ultimate Team is unapproachable to some, but time-swallowing and addictive for others

Once you’re in a game, it plays just as smoothly as previous entries; more so in fact. With skippable cutscenes and weekly patches to commentary, a game has less stoppages and the entire experience feels fresher for longer. It seems like the first Madden entry in which the developers have listened to many of the players’ complaints and reacted in a wholly positive way.

There are very few games that remain enjoyable even when you’re losing (Dark Souls, Super Meat Boy etc.) and Madden NFL 18 joins that highly esteemed list. You could be down by a 50-burger at half-time Madden Coins 18 feel that not only was it justly deserved, but also there is a glimmer of hope that you could come back and get a result.

Any connoisseur of gaming not already feasting on the delights of Madden NFL 18 is missing out. Do not be deterred by the pedigree of the series, the plethora of Madden Ultimate Team challenges, or the fact that it’s a sports game so obviously it can’t be any good and it’s not even a real game anyway.

Madden NFL 18 is a more-than-solid entry into the franchise. However, to finish I would like to posit that it could be a much greater game if it had not completely monopolised the NFL video game market. If 2K were able to create a competing franchise, it could be healthy for both sides and could conceive some interesting gaming ideas.

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