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Madden Ultimate Team 18: Five Quick Tips To Earn You Coins

As each and every person in the MUT community knows, coins are the be-all and end-all of a team. Low coins means you won't be able to buy many cards, and being a millionaire in MUT means you can pretty much buy just about any card you want early on in the Madden Ultimate Team season.

Not everybody has a million coins, though. Not many people even have 250,000 coins or 100,000 coins, and this list right here will help get you on the right track to having a healthy coin stack in MUT for the beginning stages of the year. Coins are the most important thing each and every year, and even if this list doesn't help you, can help you by selling mut 18 coins to you that will be delivered to your account in no time!

5. Buying Packs -

Buying madden Packs

Now this is the worst option out of all of these, but it is probably the easiest and fastest way to make coins. Although it will hurt your wallet in the blink of an eye, it will always be the quickest way to bring up that number that represents your stack of coins. I do not recommend this route, but if you are a person that needs coins quickly without trying out #4 on this list, then you can be rest assured that you can get coins this way.

4. Buying Coins -

Buying Madden Coins is another simple and easy way to get coins in Madden Ultimate Team 18, each and every year. It's a simple process that makes it way easier on you to get the coins. No more solo grinding, no more trying to snipe cards on the auction house. Just simply buying coins from will be an easy and stress-free way of bringing up the amount of currency you have in MUT 18.

3. Sniping Cards -

Here is the first of the "no-money-spent" ideas that will get you coins. Loads of people each and every day put up cards for a lower value than they are worth. And it is up to YOU to go find those cards, buy them, and put them back on the auction house for double, triple, or even quadruple what you bought them for. This is the fastest way to make coins, but also has the biggest chance of failure. Plenty of people each day are looking to find that Julio Jones that is accidentally put up for 5k coins, and it's up to you to be there quick enough to "snipe" him and rake in the coins.

2. Investing -

Investing in cards is a great way to make madden coins, but also an easy way to LOSE coins. Sometimes it doesn't work well at all, but in some cases it pays off in BIG ways. It's all about looking at the market and evaluating which cards are rising in price and which are depreciating.One example would be Patrick Peterson. The first week of Madden Ultimate Team, his 88 overall core elite was selling for anywhere between 150,000 - 190,000. Look at his price now, and you'll see that he has sky-rocketed to over 300,000 coins. At the time of his low pricing, not many people had a lot of coins, and the market dictated that 150k was a lot for an 88 overall CB. Now since a lot of people are buying packs, coins, and growing their coin stack, cards are rising in price due to the high amount of coins on the market. It's all about looking at patterns, and taking your shot at big coins.

1. Solo Grinding -

Solo grinding has been, and always will be the easiest way to get mut 18 coins without putting actually money into the game. Looking at the amount of solos right now, there is simply a large amount of coins that are acquirable just by playing through each and every solo challenge. On top of the base coins you get from playing these solos, they also have pack rewards which can come with a small chance of pulling something amazing like Antonio Brown or Khalil Mack. It takes hours upon hours of grinding, but your coins will definitely be much higher by the time you finish them. Simply sit down, turn on some netflix on your laptop, and grind out solos. That's what I've always done, and it's definitely the number one way to earn coins in MUT 18.

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