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The Excitement Of Opening A Madden Ultimate Team Pack!

Not only are we going to make sure we offer Madden 18 Ultimate Team Coins for the lowest price we possibly can. We are also huge fans of the Madden series and cannot wait to play the game. While we are super excited to play the new story mode, Ultimate Team is where it is at for most of us here in the office.

We have seen a few videos on YouTube of people lucky enough to get to play Madden 18 early and seeing the packs that they have been opening. It got us to thinking about how Madden Ultimate Team really is such an exciting game mode. It takes you back to when you were a kid and you collected trading cards or stickers and you would open each pack with a real anticipation and excitement that this is the pack that has that super rare card or this is the pack that has that sticker which is going to finish off a set! Madden Ultimate Team offers that same kind of excitement.

It is made even more special when you work your butt off to get enough Madden 18 currency to buy a few new packs. You just pray that you are going to get some kind of Elite or at the very least a player who is going to be a really great addition to your team. To some people, Madden 18 Ultimate Team is a silly game mode that makes no sense. To those of us who play it though, opening the packs and implementing them in your team is one of the most exciting things there is!

We would love to know if opening a Madden 18 Ultimate Team pack is something you look forward to and how giddy and excited you get when you get something really, really cool.

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