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Top 4 Gameplay Changes in Madden 18

We know that a lot of you have been coming back to see just when our Madden NFL 18 Coins are going to be on sale. But before that, we want to share with you what we feel are some of the most exciting game play changes that are coming to this year's Madden.

Top 4 Gameplay Changes in Madden 18

Coaching Adjustments

There is an auto flip mechanic where you can set it so the AI will automatically change to take on the current offense. This is just the tip of the ice berg as there is a lot of changes you can make that will ultimately give you more control of what happens on the field.

Skill Based Game Play

Remember when you could just hold down the button and expect to make an interception? Well not anymore. Ballhawk Skill Mechanic requires you to time your button press just right if you want to intercept the pass. The Hit Stick Skill Mechanic is similar in that to land hit sticks, you have to time it just right.

Size & Weight

This year EA has made some changes to the player's size and weight and how it will alter different outcomes. For example, a smaller, lighter player with hardly any momentum is going to have a hard time tackling a larger guy running with the ball. But with some momentum and just the right timing, you can make a stop.

Less "Accidents"

This one is interesting. EA have said that fumbles are being dealt with differently and will not just result in a big pile on, on the floor. Players now have a much higher chance of grabbing a fumble and making something happen. Also, there will be far less dropped interceptions, of course, this does depend on the rating of your player.

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