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Who Are The Top Players In Madden 18?

We are getting closer and closer to the release of Madden 18 and one of the things that many of us Madden fans want to know is who are the highest rated players that we will be desperate to get in our Ultimate Team?

Who Are The Top Players In Madden 18?

Well EA has released the majority of player ratings so we know exactly who the highest rated players are and who we are all going to want to have when we put our teams against each other.

Tom Brady: Rated at 99, Tom Brady is the best player in the game, he may not be the quickest, but his awareness is rated at 99 and his accuracy is 94, making him a truly deadly QB in the right hands, especially as Madden 18 is more skill based.

Madden Tom Brady

Von Miller: This dude is just a monster. Like Brady, he is rated at 99 and this is exactly the kind of player you want to get to Tom Brady. He has 92 awareness and 94 tackle, but this combined with his 87 speed and 89 acceleration is what makes him really dangerous to any QB in the game.

Madden Von Miller

Aaron Donald: Here we have another 99 rated player Aaron Donald. When it comes to defensive players, he is going to be a lot of fun to control. 94 strength, 90 acceleration and 90 speed mean that with him on your team, you have a very good chance on putting a stop to any play your opponent is trying to pull.

Madden Aaron Donald

These are the highest rated players in this year's Madden and we really hope we get them in our Ultimate Team. If you are a huge Madden fan, be sure to check out our awesome deals on Madden 18 currency.

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